Stationery Set Gift Products

Complete range of School stationery set gift for school kids age 3 to 8 years. Stationery products as follows :

1. Ruler / 15 cm Small Scale Set in 3 varieties like Basic, Hand Copter, Smiley Batch and Toy car.
(Basic inside all the listed stationery set are Sharpener, Pencil and Eraser Rubber).

2. Sunrise Compass Set which has (Metal Compass Box, 2 Pencils, Eraser Rubber, Sharpener, Plastic Kids Friendly Scissor, Cardboard Scale).

3. Fancy Sliding Ruler Scale (20 cm) With Plastic Compass.

4. Fancy Ruler Scale (20 cm).

5. Fancy Mini Rubber Eraser Set Box
(5 Variety of Fruits Shape Colourful Rubber / Erasers)
(Grapes, Strawberry, Banana, Watermelon, Lemon)
(30 Pc/ 6 set each / 5 eraser combo).

6. Colourful Pencil With Fancy Theme Erazer
(Eraser Shapes of Fish, Turtle, Flower, Rabbit etc).

7. LED Joker Pencil.

8.LED Smiley Pencil.

9. Colourful Boom Pencil With Smiley Erazer

10. Frozen Kids Stationery Set With Colour Pencils which has (6 Colour Small Pencils, Eraser, Sharpner,
Long Pencil, Cardboard Scale).

11. Barbie Kids Stationery Set With Glue (Pink Colour)
(Glue Stick, Eraser, Sharpner, 2 Long Pencils, Cardboard Scale).

12. Multi-Compartment Pen Pencil Plastic Stand
(With Complimentary Pencil, Eraser Rubber, Sharpner,
Plastic Kids Friendly Scissor, Cardboard Scale).

13. Barbie Stationery Gift Pouch (Pencil, Eraser Rubber, Sharpner, Plastic Kids Friendly Scissor, Plastic Scale).

14. Kids Exam Writing Pads.

and more of Compass box with Maze games, Lock & Tight tiffin Box, Combo of Bottle and Tiffin etc, Ideal for school return gifting age 3 to 5 or 7 years.