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Personal Care

Care for self or others by gifting personal usable products which are fancy, special and so Unique that others start enquiring and you are complimented.

Gifts like Velvet Soft Pedicure Foot File, Yoga Gym Non Slip Socks, Hair Spa Cap, Electric Hot Water Bag, Sanitary Napkin Pouch & Bag, Cosmetics Organiser, Lipstick Organiser, Heart Shaped Cosmetic Box, Rectangle / Round and Square shape Earphone Charger Case, A unique Silicone Nail Polish Finger Stand, Shower Hair Caps, Watch & Sunglasses Box in variety is what makes a women or a man happy gifts.

Few More products like : (USB Version in Bulk Only), Sanitary Napkin Pouches & Bag, 16 Cavity Cosmetic Organiser, Shower Hair Caps Fruit Printed, 6 Variety in Watch Boxes (6, 10, 12 & 20 Slots), Safety Ironing mat, LED Flashlight Ear Cleaner, Mobile Pop Socket, Magic Suction Cup Phone Stand, 2 Way Bamboo Fiber Clothes Storage Organiser, Yoga Mat & Non Slip Socks, Sweet Dreams Eye Mask and more as seen in this category.