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Trust us as we sell at Bulk rates (about 30 to 50% low cost) Compared to Other Online giants, Good quality products imported from China are with us for reselling, gifting & personal use in India.

These are Made in China products in categories like Kids Return Gifts, Home & Kitchen Utilities, Travel Bags Organizers , Pouches, Toiletry etc and Some really useful products in Personal care range.

Based as one of the Mumbai dealer (Wholesale Bulk & Retail), We at Jacgifts have selective range of these chinese products if you are searching for ‘China market’ or ‘China to India importer’ and Wholesale business in Mumbai.

Some of those products are as :

1. Travel Range

Insulated Lunch Bags For Kids Women, Handy Travel Shoe Pouches, Toiletry & Cosmetic Bags & Pouches, Mesh & Laundry bags, Airtight Vacuum bags to save space, Duffle & 2 in 1 Travel bags, Camouflage Camping Sleeping Bag and Secret pouches for Women for personal clothings.

2. China Kitchen Products

To list few useful & kitchen space saving products made of Silicone & Plastics, Below are some good quality & durable product range for Kitchen.

Hanging Fridge Trays & Storage Boxes, Rice Fruits & vegetable Drainer & Strainer (2 in 1) Bowls, Silicone Gloves (Dual Toned & With Scrubber), Colourful Silicone Coasters, Zip Lock Nuts bag in jar Shape, Kitchen Sink bags, Napkin & garbage hangers.

Some of the spice boxes that saves space, Herb Fusion Spoons, Oven Gloves Silicone made in China, Cake, Chocolate & Waffle Moulds, Folding Chef Basket, Airtight Lid Kitchen Storage Container With Clip Lock, Plate Partners Plastic Clip Bowl and 5 Compartments Rotating Tray to keep dry fruits, nuts, berries, chocolates etc. to list just some of the China products we sell at Cheap / Bulk rates in Mumbai.

Made in China Digital weighing mini machine is what we think every home should have (10 kg Limit).

3. Home products

About 30 variety of China products for Home, We have Folding Drawer mats, 6 Layer Double Shoe Rack, Air Conditioner Microwave Oven & Washing Machine covers, Socks & Other Clothes Organizers, 5 Slot Hangers, Sliding Window Cleaner, V Shape Toilet Cleaning Brush, Multi-Purpose Storage boxes (15 Grids, 30 Grids, 36 Compartments, 28 grid etc).

To add few more in Home products range, We have Youful Saree Dress Fabric Storage box, China Made CCTV Dummy Camera, Blackboard Wall Sticker and more.

4. Personal Care Products

Velvet Soft Pedicure Foot File & (USB Version in Bulk Only), Sanitary Napkin Pouches & Bag, 16 Cavity Cosmetic Organiser, Shower Hair Caps Fruit Printed, 6 Variety in Watch Boxes (6, 10, 12 & 20 Slots), Safety Ironing mat, LED Flashlight Ear Cleaner, Mobile Pop Socket, Magic Suction Cup Phone Stand, 2 Way Bamboo Fiber Clothes Storage Organiser, Yoga Mat & Non Slip Socks, Sweet Dreams Eye Mask and more as seen in this category.

4. Office Products

As of now we have just 1 but hot selling Office china products called ‘Desktop Organiser’ in which you can keep all office stuff.

It is a multi-Purpose Organiser which can also be used at home by females to keep Cosmetic / beauty products.

5. Car & Bike Range Products.

A Beautiful car space saving back seat organiser which can hold mobiles, water bottles, packets and other ladies stuff all at one place without taking back seat seating space.

Next in China car products category is Car garbage box & Tissue holder.

If you love those series of Jumping emoji’s for car, We have that also. For bikes & cycles we have a unique product called ‘Chain Cleaner’.