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Home & Kitchen

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Everything under one roof ‘Home’ are the products which can be further categorized as ‘Utility’ or ‘Decor’ gift products.

Our wide range of fancy home utility and decor products can be gifted to self for your own beautiful home or for others at cheapest possible price range.

All this products are durable, fancy, colourful, useful and most importantly Durable are detailed on this page.

Also feel free to contact us for bulk gifting at wholesale price which means more good quality fancy decoratives and useful things for home at cheaper price.

Kitchen Products :

To list few useful & kitchen space saving products made of Silicone & Plastics, Below are some good quality & durable product range for Kitchen.

Hanging Fridge Trays & Storage Boxes, Rice Fruits & vegetable Drainer & Strainer (2 in 1) Bowls, Silicone Gloves (Dual Toned & With Scrubber), Colourful Silicone Coasters, Zip Lock Nuts bag in jar Shape, Kitchen Sink bags, Napkin & garbage hangers.

Some of the spice boxes that saves space, Herb Fusion Spoons, Oven Gloves Silicone made in China, Cake, Chocolate & Waffle Moulds, Folding Chef Basket, Airtight Lid Kitchen Storage Container With Clip Lock, Plate Partners Plastic Clip Bowl and 5 Compartments Rotating Tray to keep dry fruits, nuts, berries, chocolates etc. to list just some of the China products we sell at Cheap / Bulk rates in Mumbai.

Day to Day products used inside Kitchen, Which are colourful, Fancy and Useful and that can be gifted to a homemaker.

Variety of Gifting Products like Multipurpose Fridge Storage Box With Handle, Long Plastic Fridge Tray, Silicone Coaster Fruit Design, 2 in 1 Fruit Strainer & Basket, Adjustable Kitchen Tap Extension, Cutlery Stand, Jar Shaped Zip Lock Nut Bag, Dual Tone Kitchen Gloves, Mini Sealer For Plastic Bags, Silicone Ice Rounder Tray, Sink Bags, Garbage Bag Napkin Hanger, Silicone Waffle Mould and Rice Drainer Bowl to just list few of the multi-purpose products in Kitchen gifting range. Made in China Digital weighing mini machine is what we think every home should have (10 kg Limit).

Home Products :

About 30 variety of China products for Home, We have Folding Drawer mats, 6 Layer Double Shoe Rack, Air Conditioner Microwave Oven & Washing Machine covers, Socks & Other Clothes Organizers, 5 Slot Hangers, Sliding Window Cleaner, V Shape Toilet Cleaning Brush, Multi-Purpose Storage boxes (15 Grids, 30 Grids, 36 Compartments, 28 grid etc).

A beautiful home needs selective range of Decor which is elegant and trendy. A decor gift stands out sometime and one always never need a Interior decorator to make living room beautiful.

Selective range of fancy home decorative gifts products like Fancy & colourful covers for AC, Refrigerator, Oven and Washing machines, Multipurpose desktop organizer, Wall mounted storage and many more can be purchased here in bulk in much cheaper rates or can be gifted individually to others.

To add few more in Home products range, We have Youful Saree Dress Fabric Storage box, China Made CCTV Dummy Camera, Blackboard Wall Sticker and more.