Silicone Keep Fresh Storage Container Bags For Kitchen

Silicone Keep Fresh Storage Container Bags For Kitchen


BPA Free, 100% Food Grade Quality Silicone Storage Container Bags for Fruits, vegetable, Meat, Liquid products inside Kitchen and Home.

Available Capacity : 1 Litre & 1.5 Litre


It's a good quality Silicone storage container, Food storage fresh bags which is Airtight and is reusable multi-purpose product storage container bag to store Fruits, Vegetable, Liquid products like Milk, Smoothies, Juice, Meat, Sandwich and leftover too.

Comes in 2 variants of 1 Liter & 1.5 Liter size, The best part of this container storage bag is that with Airtight it is also leakproof designed as zipped locked vacuum bags that can resisit extreme heat & cold, Which means it can be kept inside fridge (Normal or Deep Freezer) or in extreme heat temperature.

Said that, It also means this Silicone bag can be safely inserted in hot boiling water with fruits / vegetable inside, Inside Dishwasher, Microwave Oven and the way u say with solid or liquid stuff inside.

So by default this reusable Silicone Kitchen storage bag becomes eco-friendly compared to plastic products.

Material Used : It's a 100% Food grade Silicone bag which is FDA & SGS approved and is BPA Free too.

Capacity : 1 Liter & 1.5 Liter Variants.


1 Litre, 1.5 Litres


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