Multipurpose Silicone Gloves with Scrubber For Dishwashing and More

Multipurpose Silicone Gloves with Scrubber For Dishwashing and More


Pair of 2, These Multipurpose Magical Silicone Gloves with Scrubber for Dishwashing, Kitchen Bathroom Usage, Car Wash & Pet Bath (BPA Free, Food Safe Quality).

Kindly Note : Random Colours Delivered, Choice not available.


A boon to kitchen, Multipurpose Silicone gloves Pair with Scrubber (2 Piece Set) makes life easy and keeps your skin safe from dirt and other harmful chemicals too.

Different Name Reference to This Scrubbing Gloves

Call it Magic Dish Cleaning Gloves or Kitchen Wash Brush or Housekeeping Gloves or Dish Washing Gloves or Scrubbing Gloves or Gloves for Dog bath or Oven safe gloves or Dish Scrubbing Gloves or Car Cleaning Silicone Gloves, Bathroom / WC cleaner gloves It is all here inside this one pair of Food grade Silicone gloves with scrubber attached which is BPA free and 100% safe.

Kitchen & Bathroom Usage

100% Eco-Friendly & Food Grain Silicone material is highly Durable & Flexible due to its resistance power, Which compared to those plastic or mixed material gloves are classy, soft, flexible, safe and easy to use in Bathroom, Kitchen, Car Wash, Dog Bath, Microwave Oven and can finally be sterilized in boiling water and kept safe hanging at any place your want. If you want to increase kitchen hygiene, This Silicone Scrubbing gloves is must in your life.

Its is a 30 x 16 Cm in size and fits almost every hand, Exceptions to kids and People which extra thick hands which also fits but will be sticky & tight. With about medium thickness of 2 Cm. As said, the durability and life longevity is high compared to any other plastic material due to its heat & cold resisting power. It can be put inside boiling water to be germ free (disinfection) to be used again.

The Silicone made scrubber is attached to Rubber hand gloves which is very effective to remove strain, While dishwashing it is easy to foam and do not need separate dishwashing brush, A designed hook to keep it hanging to dry after use, It cannot be easily deformed, curled or broken due to its elasticity property and material itself.

Car Wash

Using two separate soft clothes for a proper car wash is history with this Silicone brush. Just wet your car pour your shampoo on scrubber and see the stains getting easily removed in one move. Car washing at home made easy, these are effective stain remover and soft on cars with no scratches even if used roughly.

Pet Dog Bath

Those who have pets and are using any other gloves or other stuff for Dog bathing knows the importance of hand hygiene from pet shampoo and dirty skin and private part areas of your cute family member. This Scrubbing silicone gloves does both, Saves your skin and is equally gentle on dogs skin too. The soft silicone made bristle is gentle on skin and cleans properly even if Dog has high fur, Just give a proper water bath prior using this scrub with shampoo inside bristle.

Weight0.195 kg
Dimensions30 × 16 cm


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