Exclusive Dry Fruit Box With Handmade Moti Work For Festivals

Exclusive Dry Fruit Box With Handmade Moti Work For Festivals


3 Impressive pictures and you will love this Dry fruit box exclusive decorated with handmade moti work, Ideal for festivals like Diwali, Ganapati etc.


Rich looking Exclusive Design Dry Fruit Box is a beautiful hand made moti artwork on simple looking round shape acrylic box.

Those white moti /pearls made of plastic all bordered with golden mini moti design. Overall limited colours like Blue, Green, Golden and White are used in balanced way without over doing things so the dry fruit box looks pleasant.

One best gift you can ever give personally to someone for occasions like Ganapati, Diwali or other Pooja & Rituals.

We also welcome Pooja Ritual material shops to have a look at this product and contact for re-selling & distribution.

If you are in HR department of some corporate company and looking out for some Hatke Corporate Gift for Diwali, This is it.

There are very few who knows the art of balancing moti work with colour combinations to make look outstanding like those 2 impressive pictures of this Dry fruit box.

Weight0.255 kg
Dimensions28 × 3 cm


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